Admission Procedure

Please call our toll free number 1 (800) 898-1363 and we will answer any questions and walk you through the admission process. Upon completion of your initial interview, an admissions packet containing an application, health history form, student agreement, and insurance form will be sent to you.

All forms are due within 7 days after you receive your packet. Within 48 hours of receipt and review of your completed packet, AR will contact you via phone regarding your acceptance into the program. AR reserves the right to deny admission to anyone that AR, believes to be unable to meet the physical, mental, social or safety demands of our courses.

Program Costs

The total cost of our signature 9-Week program is $24,000.

The cost of the program covers all of the following expenses:

  • Professional Recovery Coaching & skills development
  • All group travel (including flights for Service Expeditions)
  • All meals
  • Lodging
  • Professional Outdoor Skills Instruction
  • Certifications and Membership Fees
  • Permits & Passes
  • Rental Equipment
  • 24-hour supervision and coaching services
  • Continuing Education and/or job placement assistance

Upon acceptance, 50% ($12,000) of the tuition is required, $5000. of which is non-refundable for travel, lodging, training, and equipment deposits that are required by outside vendors and therefore non-recoverable.

The remaining tuition is due 15 days before your course.

AR Cancellation Policies

For all courses, if you cancel or leave for any reason:

  • between 15 and 29 days prior to the course starting date, AR will retain 30% of the course tuition.

  • between 8 and 14 days prior to the course starting date, AR will retain 50% of the course tuition.

  • less than 8 days prior to the course starting date and once the course has begun, there will be no refunds.

Student Behavior

Final acceptance is contingent upon the receipt and review of the materials listed above. AR seeks students who are committed to recovery, motivated to learn outdoor skills and develop leadership, are in good health, physically and emotionally, and are socially responsible.

AR is not a treatment program. Our programs are not an appropriate choice for individuals dealing with acute behavioral, or rehabilitation issues. We will deny admission to anyone we believe to be unable to meet the physical, mental, social or safety demands of our courses.

AR reserves the right to expel any student who exhibits behavior that, in our sole discretion, is unsafe or disrupts or distracts from the educational mission of their course. Harassment, use of drugs and/or alcohol, theft or misuse of property, low motivation and/or disregarding instructions are examples of behavior that will lead to expulsion. If a student is expelled there will be no refund. In the very rare case of these types of occurrences, AR operations staff will immediately contact the family, in order to arrange the safest and most appropriate transition possible. This may include the use of professional recovery support personnel at additional cost.