AR has helped me believe in myself again. With the help of my coach, I was able to reverse a downward spiral that almost got me kicked out of college. Today I am thriving, pursuing my dreams and applying for grad school.
— Joe U.

If you are seeking to replace limiting behaviors and beliefs with exciting and fulfilling experiences, ADVENTURE RECOVERY COACHING is for you! Our one-on-one mentorship model offers you:

  • Self-directed goals

You have hit some roadblocks and are seeking a guide to help you avoid future pitfalls. You know that you have the potential to live an extraordinary life, yet struggle with connecting the dots.

  • A sense of adventure

You have an inherent desire to explore and engage in new experiences. You understand the power in facing adversity and overcoming obstacles. You have an unremitting desire to live a fulfilling and adventurous life.

  • A desire to grow

You are not currently satisfied with where you are. Whether consciously or not, you understand that a life beyond your wildest dreams is possible, yet you cannot seem to step into your purpose.

  • The need to live an extraordinary life

The life you want includes vibrant health, exploring with a sense of wonder, and pursuing your passions. You are seeking a path that excites and challenges you. You want to make the people in your life—and yourself—proud.