Adventure Recovery is a recovery-focused adventure guide service that leads clients through the external and internal wilderness. Adventure Recovery provides one-on-one mentorship, group experiences, and guide training. The Adventure Recovery model utilizes outdoor skills as the foundational learning tools for growth of real skill-sets and for personal transformation. By engaging in outdoor adventures, clients build self-esteem and self-efficacy. These experiences translate to support individuals as they build positive relationships, confidence, and clarity.

Adventure Recovery is a leading provider of therapeutic adventure experiences, wilderness excursions, and individualized mentorship is expanding its offering throughout New England and beyond. Adventure Recovery offers an inspired model of recovery-focused outdoor guide service that provides individual mentorship and group experiences. Their clients include people in or seeking recovery, and others who want to learn outdoor skills and experience adventures. Clients hire Adventure Recovery for the exceptional level of attentiveness, guidance, instruction, and the quality of experience provided. 

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