Build a foundation for life.

“Adventure Recovery coaching helped me believe in myself again. With the help of my AR Guide, I was able to reverse a downward spiral that almost got me kicked out of college. Today I am thriving, pursuing my dreams and applying for grad school."— Joe U.

adventure recovery coaching mentorship helps Our Clients Achieve:

  • Empowerment and confidence

  • Stronger sense of self and direction

  • A more joyful and fulfilling life!

  • Outdoor skills

  • An adventurous, healthy lifestyle

  • Self-directed goals

Through personal adventures, we learn not only about the rugged beauty of nature, but we come home to ourselves. We build abilities, knowledge, and self-esteem. The Adventure Recovery coach mentoring model matches you with an individual AR Guide. We utilize outdoor skills experiences and metaphors as the foundational learning tools for the client. This coaching may be as part of our Adventure Discovery program, where one is just learning about nature and how to enjoy time outdoors. In addition, it may include mental health and substance use prevention awareness. Prevention is an intrinsic part of our model. As clients learn to love time in nature, they have less interest in self-destructive behaviors = prevention. Furthermore, one-on-one skills building allows teens, young adults, and adults to build confidence and lifelong abilities. By engaging in these outdoor skills, clients build self-esteem and self-efficacy in attaining their goals. Adventure Recovery coaching mentorship and Adventure Discovery coaching mentorship guides individuals from self-destructive behaviors to healthy lives. These experiences directly translate into the mentoring relationship and build positive rapport, confidence, and clarity.

How does it work?

The client chooses an outdoor skill(s) on which to focus and the AR Guide provides instruction, recovery coaching mentorship, and guidance. As the client learns and experiences success, the challenges naturally increase and proficiency deepens. The client-Guide relationship is grounded in these experiences.

Sessions are broken into half-day, full-day, or overnight increments. We are highly flexible in how we structure time with clients. We generally meet with them at least twice weekly for a minimum of 3-4 hours per session. In addition we provide text, email, and phone support to the client and can offer clinical support as needed.

The truth.

The truth is, you can live an amazing life. You have the capacity to thrive. And anyone can do it. You don’t have to already know how. We learn, together. Through outdoor experiences, adventure sports, and trusted connection you develop skills and abilities to achieve your life goals and life of joy and happiness.

You choose the activities and we guide you along the journey, supporting you every step of the way. Hence, by immersing yourself in these disciplines, you experience wonder, excitement, contentment, and happiness.  These are the foundations for extraordinary living and sustainable wellness.

Please note that Adventure Recovery is not a treatment provider. These services are guiding, coaching, mentoring and education focused. We can provide clinical support and additional mental health resources, if needed, as we have extensive relationships in the mental health and substance use treatment fields.

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