Adventure Recovery Coaching: The Mentorship Model


What is the Adventure Recovery Coaching model?

The Adventure Recovery coaching model is one of mentorship and empowerment. We use the word mentorship because we offer a lifelong commitment. The mentor is a guide, a trusted teacher. AR mentorship is based on technical skills instruction, the community of like-minded peers, and the gift of being immersed in nature. The confidence gained by growing, as individuals and as athletes, creates strength and sustainable happiness. Through education and immersion, individuals learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle they can sustain. Clients experience peer and group support and are able to connect with their inner goals. In addition, Adventure Recovery coaching offers a lifelong love for nature, which feeds the soul and spirit.

Through personal adventures, we learn not only about the rugged beauty of nature, but we come home to ourselves. We grow comfortable and confident in our own skin. This approach to recovery coaching is a complement to more traditional paraprofessional support systems like sponsorship, recovery coaches, case managers, or other sober support. We work directly with clinicians and case managers, psychiatrists, and treatment providers to ensure the addiction support and continuing care is comprehensive and fulfilling. What we offer is a way of life.

“I’ve always loved the outdoors and believe in the deeply healing qualities of nature. And I have found this pertinent to my own recovery. Furthermore, Adventure Recovery provided a structure and support network beyond my imagining. I get to meet new people and help them use the outdoors to enrich their lives. This is truly fulfilling work.”—Whitney H., AR Guide.

Adventure Life Coaching

Our positive motivational style resonates with life coaching as it helps clients engage in a wellness-based lifestyle. The Adventure Recovery coach mentoring model matches you with an individual AR Guide and we apply outdoor skills as our tool. Adventure-based therapy and the metaphors we use are foundational learning tools for the client. This recovery coaching may be part of our Adventure Discovery program, in which one is learning how to enjoy time outdoors. Or, it may include mental health and substance use prevention awareness.


How Adventure Recovery Coaching Works

Substance use prevention is an intrinsic part of our approach. As clients learn to love time in nature, they have less interest in self-destructive behaviors = prevention. Furthermore, one-on-one recovery coaching skills building allows teens, young adults, and adults to build confidence and lifelong abilities. By engaging in these outdoor skills, clients build self-esteem and self-efficacy. And what’s more, they set and attain their goals. Adventure Recovery Coaching mentorship and Adventure Discovery coaching mentorship guides individuals from self-destructive behaviors to healthy lives. These experiences directly translate into the mentoring relationship and build positive rapport, confidence, and clarity.

Learn more about the Adventure Recovery Coaching mentorship model. If you or someone you love is in need of support, inspiration, direction, or just needs to get off the couch, call us. We are here to offer a life beyond your wildest dreams.