Adventure Discovery

The Adventure Discovery model is adventure coaching for those who are discovering their true nature—their passions, their interests, their direction. Our youth face challenges today with the onslaught of technology and social media. Adventuring and mentorship offer a path to self-discovery that is clearly defined. The Adventure Discovery path creates a lifelong love for learning and the outdoors. In addition, it is a key part of self-awareness, a vital component of substance abuse prevention. Also, it brings a sense of confidence and joy. We work with schools, youth organizations, parent groups, and institutions.

Clients we’ve served:

Substance Abuse Prevention

Participants learn new skills, spend time with their peers, and experience adventures that are transformative and inspirational. The Adventure Discovery model is about teaching others the magic of time outside. Substance abuse prevention is found when we learn how to enjoy ourselves in our daily lives. When we love what we do, we don’t seek self-destructive paths. Furthermore, we impart the necessary skills to feel empowered to pursue activities in the great outdoors. Some adventures include: hiking, biking, surfing, SUP, climbing, orienteering, rafting, kayaking, camping, skiing, xc skiing, and snowboarding.


Activities for Adventure Discovery services:

  • day trips

  • weekend trips

  • prevention & Awareness workshops