Our mission is to guide people through the internal and external wilderness, cultivating a lifelong passion for learning and adventure!

Adventure Recovery Guides are skillful outdoor educators and mentors who are highly trained and experienced in supporting individuals and groups on a journey of discovery. Each of our guides hold certifications in advanced wilderness first aid or higher with additional specialized certifications in specific outdoor skills. They have years of practice as guides and mentors and proven track records of helping individuals achieve their goals.

AR Guides carry an additional profound and exceptional qualification; each of them is in long-term recovery. Having experienced and overcome life's most difficult challenges provides them with a deep respect and understanding of what it truly takes to manifest change. Their ability to compassionately support others and contagious enthusiasm to live life fully are their greatest gifts to offer.



Tim is an outdoor educator and recovery coach trainer who specializes in guiding people through the external and internal wilderness. Over the last 25 years, he has founded and lead numerous programs and institutions in the youth development and addictions recovery and prevention fields, as well as offered individualized support for those seeking purpose and spiritual development. 

Tim has advised and developed experiential education, adventure therapy and substance abuse awareness programs for private schools, youth development programs, treatment centers, and national conferences. As a pioneer in the field of adventure-based counseling, he was one of the founding team members of Mountainside Treatment Center. He served as Founding Director of Adventure-Based Counseling at Mountainside and was eventually promoted to Executive Director. Tim served in this capacity for four years and left to start his own consulting business where he has successfully supported multiple programs in developing exceptional adventure curriculums.

Tim has earned Instructor Trainer levels of certification in ACA whitewater canoe, pro rescuer first aid & CPR and lifeguarding as well as certifications in advanced whitewater kayak instruction, BCU star 3 sea kayaking, wilderness first responder, recovery coaching and adventure-based counseling.

Tim has studied various wisdom traditions and received healing rites and practical tools from elders and practitioners from both Western and Eastern disciplines. With a deep reverence and respect for ceremony and ritual, he facilitates a tailored approach to personal transformative process. Furthermore, he provides deeply healing experiences for individuals of all ages.

When not on the river, Tim enjoys his wife and twins exploring the natural world, paddling the New England rivers, working in the garden, and creating.


JESSICA ADAMS, LCSW Clinical Consultant

Jessica Adams, LCSW, has more than 15 years of experience in the mental health field. Jessica has a master’s degree in Social Work from Fordham University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She began her career for an alternative-to-incarceration program on the front lines, helping those struggling with substance abuse find appropriate services. Following this, her clients ranged from geriatric and adult population, to adolescents and families in foster care. Also, she worked with public school systems, providing substance abuse prevention services to children and their families. In 2006, Jessica began working with those struggling from eating disorders for nine years. By the end of her tenure at The Renfrew Center, she oversaw the entire front-end process of treatment starting with the initial call, through finance, insurance benefits and authorization, and bio-psychosocial, as the Director of Admissions and Program Information. Jessica served as Executive Director for an adolescent substance abuse and mental health facility creating open lines of communication between disciplines and ensuring the organization was functioning optimally from an operational standpoint. Hence, Jessica brings clinical expertise and supervision skill leading in the spirit of collaboration.


RYAN COVENEY Senior Guide & Field Manager

As an avid outdoorsman, Ryan believes that the core of healthy living and recovery is a commitment to health and wellness. This is embodied by his motto to always be "getting up and getting out" into nature, and more so, into life. Ryan grew up in the Housatonic River Valley and has been given the gift of a lush environment to grow and explore. With both passion and training he has participated in varied adventure sports experiences including  backpacking/hiking, mountain biking, river sports, etc. These activities serve him not only as tools to recovery but as a complete way of life. Adventure Recovery offers a perfect way for Ryan to bring his skills and abilities to teach others. Through his journey, Ryan has gained a unique compassion for his clients, and a talent for encouraging others toward self-confidence and growth by helping them challenge themselves to seek wellness through perseverance, strength and commitment. Ryan believes in a deep sense of spirituality connected to the earth and adventure. He believes adventure truly offers healing, peace, and balance. Ryan brings this passion to his work at Adventure Recovery each and every day

JOSH FLAHERTY Director, Business Development


Josh is an Adventure Recovery Guide and avid outdoor enthusiast. He brings 15+ years of experience as an executive in the entertainment industry to his expertise. Beginning at William Morris Endeavor, and then as a top manager and marketing executive at Tenth Street Entertainment, Josh managed numerous multi-platinum recording artists including Blondie, Motley Crue, Papa Roach, and Steven Tyler. Simultaneously, he has created and implemented multiple integrated cross-marketing campaigns for recording albums, tours, books, and many other events with companies such as H&M, LVMH, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Paco Rabanne, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Major League Baseball, and The Smithsonian. Josh has a passion for recovery and mental health and his career in the field is a testament to this calling.  He began as a client with Adventure Recovery in 2018 and then entered and progressed through AR’s Guide training program. Josh is the first person in AR history to transition from client to Guide. Furthermore, he brings his business development acumen to the organization. Josh serves as our Director of Business Development, helping Adventure Recovery serve throughout the Northeast and across the US. Additionally, Josh is in the Masters of Social Work program at Fordham University. Hence, Josh's experience and contacts in the recovery community, entertainment industry, and corporate America provide a unique insight into creating and expanding the Adventure Recovery offering, message, and reach.  

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Kevin grew up in Northwestern Connecticut and graduated from Hofstra University with a BA in Communications. His background, working with and mentoring young adults and adolescents with mental health and substance use issues shapes his healthy lifestyle approach. Recovery taught Kevin to try new things while also kindling his passion for being outside. The outdoors introduced him to like-minded people and he embraced the role and responsibilities as an outdoor educator and AR Guide. He’s led multi-day expeditions with groups as well as one-on-one excursions. Kevin believes that nature heals and shares this wisdom with others. One of his favorite activities is to be out on the water. Having recently relocated to Rhode Island, in his free time you can find Kevin at one of the surf breaks along the shore, sharing the stoke with others.



Heidi Pettersen is a skilled outdoor leader who has been enjoying nature excursions all her life. She has served with the Adventure Recovery team for three years. Heidi is a recovery coach, athletic trainer, and also a certified holistic health coach. Heidi brings her professionalism, positivity and passion for recovery to all that she does. She's kind, compassionate, and radiates joy in all that she does, which has a big impact on clients and the team. In addition, she inspires others to be enthusiastic and playful. When not working in the field, Heidi travels, rides motorcycles, surfs, goes rock climbing, and does lots of yoga.



Anthony Tamborra is a skilled Adventure Recovery guide. He is thoughtful and kind in his instruction and always quick to smile or crack a joke to make others feel at home and comfortable. Along with being certified in river rescue and WAFA, Anthony is trained in coaching and recovery mentorship. In addition to rock climbing, kayaking, surfing, and hiking, Anthony is also a snowboarding instructor. Furthermore, he's in long-term recovery and leads others in an abstinence-based lifestyle. When not in the field, he is with friends and family, enjoying the great outdoors.



Whitney connects deeply with the outdoors and has done so from a very young age. She started by climbing Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range by age 5 and deep sea scuba diving by age 11 in Grand Cayman. These early experiences instilled a passion and dedication to face one's fears. Whitney loves to introduce youth to the outdoors in a safe, secure, and professional way. In addition, she believes in meeting people where they are at. Pushing through the comfort zone gently allows them permission to go at their own pace, which leads to a richer experience of nature overall. Whitney graduated from Bates College with a BA in psychology in 2002. She spent time volunteering at New Beginnings (a place for homeless youth) and ultimately wrote her thesis based on her experiences there. Also, she played soccer and softball at Bates and enjoyed winter skiing at Sunday River. Following undergrad, she became an RN and worked for several years in the Medical ICU at Beth Israel in Boston. Shortly thereafter, she attended Columbia University where she received her Masters in Anesthesia. Whitney currently works as a Nurse Anesthetist in the Berkshire’s and annually volunteers for the HUGS organization, providing anesthesia for microtia surgery in Guatemala, Vietnam, and Ecuador. She believes in the healing qualities of nature and has found these pertinent to her own recovery. Furthermore, she loves to meet new people and help them use the outdoors to enrich their lives. Whitney spends her free time skiing, whitewater kayaking, hiking, playing softball, traveling, meditating, doing yoga, and surfing. Most of all, she loves sleeping outside amongst the stars, leading trips for youth, building connection, and feeling alive through adventure and shared new experiences. Whitney holds a WAFA, Whitewater Rescue Certification, BLS, ACLS (advanced care life support), and PALS (pediatric advanced care life support) certification. As an Adventure Recovery Guide, Whitney excels, offering her professionalism, decades of adventure experience, and her uncontainable spirit.



From a young age, Katelyn knew that she belonged in the outdoors. Following that sense of purpose brought her into the world of whitewater kayaking at age twelve, where she has become an accomplished instructor teaching all types of paddlesports, as well as a member of Jackson Kayak's Regional Whitewater Team. Katelyn has also pursued the outdoors in the academic environment, graduating from the Outdoor Leadership Program at Greenfield Community College in 2017 and now studying Wilderness Leadership at Westfield State University. Following her graduation from Westfield, Katelyn hopes to also pursue a graduate program in adventure-based therapy.

Katelyn firmly believes in the transformative power of outdoor experiences as a catalyst for recovery. She seeks to use her own journey to guide others to achieve the same level of empowerment and healing that she has received from an outdoor lifestyle. Katelyn strives every day to fulfill the dirtbag lifestyle and continue living the dream.



Marshall is an exceptional outdoor leader who’s been practicing wilderness skills for the last three years. He attended Saint Michael’s College in Vermont and studied business and marketing. Marshall loves activities in the outdoors including snowboarding, rock climbing, and backpacking. In addition, he worked as a zip-line tour guide, kayak instructor, and rock climbing coach. He also lived in Salt Lake City for two years, snowboarding. He believes nature is a powerful healer and has been a huge part of his recovery. Marshall brings his passion for the outdoors to all that he does.


Nate Bennick AR Guide

Nate has worked in the mental health field since he graduated with his B.S. in Psychology from Union College in 2016. While working with youth through adventure based counseling he began to realize the true healing power adventure can have on us all. Paired with his love of the outdoors and climbing, he was able to begin stepping into his own balance.

After joining Adventure Recovery, Nate has tried to incorporate the outdoors in every aspect of his life; searching for the best climbs and hikes he can find. Through climbing he is trying to grasp the understanding of how to elevate his goals in life as well as discovering all the joy life has to offer.


Mimi, the Dog AR Guide

Mimi is a special member of the AR team. In addition to supplying extensive kisses, Mimi has a vast repertoire of words she understands. She brings magic to all that she does. Mimi chases squirrels, chews on toys, and has a vast network of buried bones available for excavation. As an amateur therapy dog, Mimi offers a lot of love to everyone.