Our mission is to guide people through the internal and external wilderness, cultivating a lifelong passion for learning and adventure!

Adventure Recovery Guides are skillful outdoor educators and mentors who are highly trained and experienced in supporting individuals and groups on a journey of discovery. Each of our guides hold certifications in advanced wilderness first aid or higher with additional specialized certifications in specific outdoor skills. They have years of practice as guides and mentors and proven track records of helping individuals achieve their goals.

AR Guides carry an additional profound and exceptional qualification; each of them is in long-term recovery. Having experienced and overcome life's most difficult challenges provides them with a deep respect and understanding of what it truly takes to manifest change. Their ability to compassionately support others and contagious enthusiasm to live life fully are their greatest gifts to offer.


TIM WALSH, Founder

Tim is an outdoor educator and recovery coach trainer who specializes in guiding people through the external and internal wilderness. Over the last 25 years, he has founded and lead numerous programs and institutions in the youth development and addictions recovery and prevention fields, as well as offered individualized support for those seeking purpose and spiritual development. 

Tim has consulted for and developed experiential education, adventure therapy and substance abuse awareness programs for private schools, youth development programs, treatment centers and national conferences. As a pioneer in the field of adventure-based counseling, he was one of the founding members of Mountainside Treatment Center. He served as Founding Director of Adventure Based Counseling at Mountainside and was eventually promoted to Executive Director. Tim served in this capacity for four years and left to start his own consulting business where he has successfully supported multiple programs in developing exceptional adventure curriculums.

Tim has earned Instructor Trainer levels of certification in ACA whitewater canoe, pro rescuer first aid & CPR and lifeguarding as well as certifications in advanced whitewater kayak instruction, BCU star 3 sea kayaking, wilderness first responder, recovery coaching and adventure based counseling.

Tim has studied various wisdom traditions and received healing rites and practical tools from elders and practitioners from both Western and Eastern disciplines. With a deep reverence and respect for ceremony and ritual, he facilitates a tailored approach to personal transformative process.

When not on the river, Tim spends time with his wife and their twins exploring the natural world, paddling the New England rivers, working in the garden, and creating.

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As an avid outdoorsman, Ryan believes that the core of healthy living and recovery is a commitment to health and wellness. This is embodied by his motto to always be "getting up and getting out" into nature, and more so, into life. Ryan grew up in the Housatonic River Valley and has been given the gift of a lush environment to grow and explore. With both passion and training he has participated in varied adventure sports experiences including, backpacking/hiking, mountain biking, river sports, etc. These activities serve him not only as tools to recovery but as a complete way of life. Adventure Recovery offers a perfect way for Ryan to bring his skills and abilities to teach others.

Through his journey, Ryan has gained a unique compassion for his clients, and a talent for encouraging others toward self-confidence and growth by helping them challenge themselves to seek wellness through perseverance, strength and commitment.

Ryan believes in a deep sense of spirituality connected to the earth and adventure. He believes adventure truly offers healing, peace, and balance. Ryan brings this passion to his work at Adventure Recovery each and every day.


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Kevin grew up in northwestern Connecticut and graduated from Hofstra University with BA in communications. He spent his childhood outside and playing sports. Hiking, climbing trees, building forts—it didn't matter what it was, as long as he was always outside. Recovery brought Kevin to try new things while also rekindling his passion for being outside. One of his favorite activities is being out on the water. Stand up paddle boarding in calm water, down the river, or in an ocean is a go too. Kevin loves to surf, SUP, and paddle. 

Kevin has a background working with youth struggling with mental health and substance use issues. He's served as a direct care worker and has mentored many through the difficult transition from adolescence to young adulthood. Kevin is happiest when he's working with others.